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This website has been condensed and is no longer being updated as of November 28, 2016. Some resources previously available on this website may no longer be available. Content may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available. An upcoming 2017 website for the new National Center of Law and Elder Rights (NCLER) will provide an enhanced experience in access to national legal resource support in the priority legal issue areas currently featured on this site. The new NCLER Website will include access to:

  • Legal Basics Training and Advanced Training program
  • Technical Assistance in legal service delivery systems
  • Web requests for Case Consultations
  • Alerts, news and resources to help you stay informed

NCLER experts are available now for case consultations in substantive legal issues and technical assistance on the enhancement of legal service delivery systems. Please Contact ncler@justiceinaging.org

Case/Legislative Updates

This portion of the resources section provides links to information about case updates and legislative action maintained by the NLRC partner organizations.

Assisted Living Statewide Regulatory Review
Source: National Center for Assisted Living
Content Type: Web site with downloadable PDF handbook
Annually updated, state by state review of regulations for assisted living facilities.

Older Americans Act
Source: Adminstration on Aging
Content Type: Web site
Overview, text and history of the Older Americans Act

University of Southern California Bibliography on Gerontology and Aging
Source: University of Southern California Law Library
Content Type: Web Page
This page provides links to the eight bibliographies included in the "Gerontology and the Law" bibliography series compiled by librarians at the USC Law Library and published in the Southern California Law Review. . These bibliographies provide lists of citations to selected books, reports, articles, and documents focusing on legal, public policy, and other law-related topics concerning the elderly and the aging process.

State Law Charts and Updates
Source: American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging
Content Type: Legislative Updates
Updates of state legislation about health decisions, guardianship, durable powers of attorney and right to vote.

Joint Campaign for Uniform Guardianship Jurisdiction
Source: American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging
Content Type: Legislative Updates
Resources supporting the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act. Includes a project description, webcast, and additional information supporting the need for the Act.

NAAAA Legislative Updates
Source: National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Content Type: Legislative Updates
Legislative updates only available to paying members.

NSCLC Advocacy Update
Source: National Senior Citizens Law Center
Content Type: Legislative Updates
Monthly email updates concerning NSCLC's advocacy efforts. To join contact Christy Ross