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This website has been condensed and is no longer being updated as of November 28, 2016. Some resources previously available on this website may no longer be available. Content may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available. An upcoming 2017 website for the new National Center of Law and Elder Rights (NCLER) will provide an enhanced experience in access to national legal resource support in the priority legal issue areas currently featured on this site. The new NCLER Website will include access to:

  • Legal Basics Training and Advanced Training program
  • Technical Assistance in legal service delivery systems
  • Web requests for Case Consultations
  • Alerts, news and resources to help you stay informed

NCLER experts are available now for case consultations in substantive legal issues and technical assistance on the enhancement of legal service delivery systems. Please Contact ncler@justiceinaging.org

Targeting Priority and Outreach

This section offers resources and guidance to programs for targeting seniors most in need of legal services, setting legal service priorities and developing effective outreach methods.

LSC Restrictions On The Ue of Older Americans Act Funding when Representing Ineligible Aliens
Source: Legal Service Corporation
Content Type: Online PDF
Opinion memo from LSC that LSC restrictions on serving certain populations attach to every dollar flowing through an LSC funded program. This memo clarifies that LSC funded programs are prohibited from using OAA funding to serve clients ineligible for services under LSC funding.

Diverse Elders Coalition
Source: Diverse Elder Coalition
Content Type: Website
Site contains information on issues impacting diverse elders. Understanding these issues can be a key to successful outreach to those with the greatest social needs.

Webinar: Techniques for Targeting Populations, June 18, 2009
Source: The Center for Elder Rights Advocacy
Content Type: Webcast
This webinar examines the reasons for targeting needy populations, targeting using outreach techniques, targeting by setting priorities, using IIIB programs with for targets efforts and using GIS mapping to better target and to evaluate effectiveness. Additional resources are listed on website for the webinar.

Websites - Optimizing Accessibility and Language
Source: Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project
Content Type: Article
An article and reference listing for improving website accessibility to improve access for low-literacy, limited English proficiency and disabled users.

Hitting Your Mark: Using Targeting Techniques to Reach Those Most in Need, 2003
Source: The Center for Social Gerontology
Content Type: Article
This article highlights the critical importance of targeting limited legal services resources to those elders most in need. It explores a variety of ways to achieve this goal of targeting limited resources to the most needy, and doing so without using means tests.

Techniques for Targeting Populations, 2009
Source: The Center for Elder Rights Advocacy
Content Type: Webinar
This webinar discusses the reasons for targeting, targeting using outreach techniques, targeting by setting priorities, how senior legal help lines can help IIIB programs with their targets efforts, and how to use GIS mapping to better target and to evaluate effectiveness.