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This website has been condensed and is no longer being updated as of November 28, 2016. Some resources previously available on this website may no longer be available. Content may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available. An upcoming 2017 website for the new National Center of Law and Elder Rights (NCLER) will provide an enhanced experience in access to national legal resource support in the priority legal issue areas currently featured on this site. The new NCLER Website will include access to:

  • Legal Basics Training and Advanced Training program
  • Technical Assistance in legal service delivery systems
  • Web requests for Case Consultations
  • Alerts, news and resources to help you stay informed

NCLER experts are available now for case consultations in substantive legal issues and technical assistance on the enhancement of legal service delivery systems. Please Contact ncler@justiceinaging.org

Legal Hotlines

2013 Senior Legal Hotline Data Report
Source: CERA
Content Type: PDF
CERA is pleased to release its annual report on Senior Legal Helplines. Here are just a few highlights: The twenty reporting helplines served 39,273 unduplicated clients and handled 46,491 cases; Average cost per case was $86.82 in 2013; a FTE handled an average 1,055 cases; While 31% of the U.S. 60+ population reports income below 200% of the poverty level, 77% of helpline clients had income below 200% of the poverty level; Individuals identifying as minority represented 29% of helpline clients; Top five case types: - Wills and estates: 12% of helpline cases -- Collection: 10% Medicaid: 9% - Home Ownership: 7% - Private Landlord/Tenant:6% - Advance Directives: 6% Of the cases closed by helplines, 81% of the cases were closed with Counsel and Advice, 13% with Limited Action, and 6% with Extended Services; Top four funding sources were: - State and local funding sources - 30% - Access to Justice/State Bar Funds/IOLTA - 23% - OAA Title IIIB - 19%.

2012 Senior Legal Hotline Annual Report
Source: CERA
Content Type: PDF
Comprehensive data report on Senior Legal Hotlines updated for 2012.

2011 Senior Legal Helplines Annual Report
Source: CERA
Content Type: PDF
Annual report on service delivery trends and outcomes from statewide senior legal hotlines

Legal Hotline Reporting Standards
Source: CERA
Content Type: PDF
This document contains detailed standards for reporting by senior legal hotlines.

Legal Hotlines tool kit
Source: The Center for Elder Rights Advocacy
Content Type: Web site
The Hotline Toolkit is designed to assist senior legal helplines with information and resources to effectively provide service. The toolkit pulls together articles, presentations, webinars, and sample materials on these topics. The kit includes information on legal service delivery, ethics, client outcomes, targeting, outreach, funding and profiles and updates on existing hotlines.