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This website has been condensed and is no longer being updated as of November 28, 2016. Some resources previously available on this website may no longer be available. Content may link to web pages that have moved or no longer exist, or may refer to other documents that are no longer available. An upcoming 2017 website for the new National Center of Law and Elder Rights (NCLER) will provide an enhanced experience in access to national legal resource support in the priority legal issue areas currently featured on this site. The new NCLER Website will include access to:

  • Legal Basics Training and Advanced Training program
  • Technical Assistance in legal service delivery systems
  • Web requests for Case Consultations
  • Alerts, news and resources to help you stay informed

NCLER experts are available now for case consultations in substantive legal issues and technical assistance on the enhancement of legal service delivery systems. Please Contact ncler@justiceinaging.org

Income Security

The Investor Protection Trust provides independent, objective information to help consumers make informed investment decisions. Founded in 1993 as part of a multi-state settlement to resolve charges of misconduct, IPT serves as an independent source of non-commercial investor education materials. IPT operates programs under its own auspices and uses grants to underwrite important initiatives carried out by other organizations.

Seniors and Poverty Data
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation
Content Type: Web site
State by State data about seniors and poverty, current as of 2013.

CFPB Senior Designations for Financial Advisors
Source: CFPB Content
Content Type: PDF
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act directs the Office of Financial Protection for Older Americans in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB or Bureau) to make recommendations to Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the best practices for (i) disseminating information regarding the legitimacy of certifications of financial advisers who advise seniors; (ii) methods in which a senior can identify the financial adviser most appropriate for the senior’s needs; and (iii) methods in which a senior can verify a financial adviser’s credentials.

Consumer Financial Literacy Resources
Source: Office of Comptroller of the Currency
Content Type: Web site
This site has an extensive listing of resources on consumer financial literacy.

CBO reports on distribution of income
Source: CBO
Content Type: PDF
Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study documents changes in the distribution of household income between 1979 and 2007. CBO’s analysis examines the distribution of household income before and after government transfers and federal taxes, and it reports the contribution of various income components (such as wages and salaries, capital income, and business income) to the distribution of market income. The study presents information on trends in the distribution of income for all households combined and for households separated on the basis of age and the presence of children. (Study published October 2011.)

The MetLife Study of Women, Retirement, and the Extra-Long Life
Source: Scripts Gerontology / MetLife
Content Type: PDF report
This report covers an up to date examination of retirement income planning with a focus on the special issues for women. It is based on current surveys and data.

How Many Older Americans Live: Ten Facts to Consider
Source: AARP Public Policy
Content Type: PDF report
For many Americans 65 and older, the future has changed. The recession has left millions with higher expenses, lower incomes, depleted savings, and reduced home equity or homes lost to foreclosure. Longer term trends have also had a negative impact. This report highlights 10 key facts.