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Caring for Grandchildren

Survey & Statistics- Lean on Me: Support and Minority Outreach for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Source: AARP
Content Type: Article
Grandparent headed households are on the rise and there is a need of support and assistance. Since many are taken out of retirement mode, they may face many challenges. Some of these challenges can include but are not limited to issues on health, finances, education, housing, and building new relationships. AARP has taken on a new project to help people develop a better understanding of these issues and the best ways to close the gap between the younger and older generations.

Helping Grandparents Raise Grandchildren Who Succeed
Source: The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Association of Small Foundations
Content Type: PDF
Due to a range of reasons (drug abuse, neglect, incarceration, or child abuse) grandparents are having to raise their children's children. Because some of these grandparents have already retired, they do not always have the funds to take on a parent role (again), which causes some of them to live below the poverty line. This guide is to help address these types of concerns, providing strategies for supporting grandparents who raise their grandchildren.

Co-Resident Grandparents and their Grandchildren: Grandparent Maintained Families
Source: The United States Census Bureau
Content Type: Article
When it comes to grandparents who raise their grandchildren, there has been an increasing policy interest. The U.S. Census Bureau looks at the figures spanning over several years to see how/if things have changed over the years.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children & Families
Content Type: Webpage
The Administration for Children & Families has created a “well-being” guide for grandparents taking care of their grandchildren. It includes strategies on making the adjustment, finding shared activities between one another, self-care tips, and how to find other resources that may be helpful for grandparents in need of assistance .

Source: Generations United
Content Type: Webpage
This organization focuses on improving the lives of youth, children, and older people through intergenerational strategies, policies, and programs. The section on “grandfamilies” looks at various issues surrounding grandparents raising grandchildren.

Grandfamilies Center
Source: American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law
Content Type: Website
A national legal resource created to educate individuals about state laws and legislation in support of grandfamilies and to assist interested state legislators, advocates, caregivers, attorneys, and other policymakers in exploring policy options to support relatives and the children in their care both within and outside the child welfare system.

Generations United Grandfamily Publications
Source: Generations United
Content Type: Consumer Fact Sheets
The publications on this website include consumer-focused fact sheets for grandparents raising grandchildren, with some state-specific, and some available in Spanish. Topics include Education, Guardianship, Supplemental Services and Workplace issues, and National Reports on Relative Care.

Affordable Housing Resources for grandparents raising grandchildren
Source: Generations United
Content Type: Website
Resources to help grandfamilies: grandparents and other relatives raising children, access affordable housing.

Kinship Navigator Programs
Source: American Bar Association and Others
Content Type: Website
In-depth explanation of kinship navigator programs across the country.

Search State Laws
Source: American Bar Association and Others
Content Type: State Laws
This searchable database includes state bills and statutes related to an extensive list of family law topics.

AOA - National Family Caregiver Support Program
Source: Administration on Aging
Content Type: Website
The Caregiver Resource Room is where families, caregivers, and professionals can find information about The National Family Caregiver Support Program, including: where you can turn for support and assistance, and providing services to caregivers.