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Consumer Scams (Fraud)

Jamaican Lottery Scam
Source: US Postal Inspection Service
Content Type: Video clip
An overview of a very aggressive foreign lottery scam.

Identity Theft In the Emergency Room
Source: US Postal Inspection Service
Content Type: Consumer education video clip
A short video clip about identity theft starting in a hospital emergency room.

Sweepstakes Swindle
Source: US Postal Inspection Service
Content Type: Video Clip
An older consumer tells how she lost $8,000 in a fake sweepstakes scam.

Lottery Scam Results in Loss of a Home
Source: US Postal Inspection Service
Content Type: Video Clip
An older consumer tells how he lost his home in foreclosure while falling prey to a lottery scam.

United States Senate Special Committee on Aging Fraud Hotline
Source: US Senate Content
Content Type: Web page
Online and toll free phone number for reporting suspected frauds and scams targeting older Americans.

U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services: Avoid Immigration Scams Educational Tools
Source: U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services
Content Type: Website
Want to educate people within your community on how to avoid immigration services scams? Below is information on our educational tools. Please use these resources when providing information to members of your local community. You can order or print the brochure or poster for free. For more information on the Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law Initiative, please email USCIS-IGAOutreach@dhs.gov.

NCOA Top 10 Scams
Source: NCOA
Content Type: Web article
The article has a great listing of the top 10 financial scams targeting older adults.

Consumer Finance Scams
Source: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Content Type: Webpage
The FTC give examples of various scams. Some of the scams include advance-fee loan scams, credit repair scams, and educational finance schemes.

Health Information: Scams and Older Adults
Source: University of Wisconsin
Content Type: Webpage
The University of Wisconsin provides information about scams and older adults. They explain why older Americans are targets of fraud, what kind of scams they should look out for, how to recognize a scam, and how to protect yourself against scammers.

Common Fraud Schemes—Targeting Senior Citizens
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Content Type: Webpage
Senior citizens are often targets of various types of fraud because the perpetrator may think it is easier to get them to listen to the scam and then give out their personal information. Older Americans are less likely to report fraud because they do not know who to report it to, are ashamed of allowing themselves to be conned, or they do not even know they were scammed.

Hot Topic: The Top 10 Consumer Scams
Source: LawInfo.com
Content Type: Blog
In 2007, over 30 million people were victims of fraud. Anyone and everyone can get caught up in one of these scams. This law blog gives the top 10 examples of consumer scams.

Tricks of the Trade: Outsmarting Investment Fraud
Source: SaveAndInvest.org FINRA and AARP
Content Type: Educational Video on ConsumerFraud
This is a link to a site that contains a trailer for a 60 minute video on consumer fraund and infomration on ordering free copies.

Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices
Source: National Consumer Law Center
Content Type: For Purchase Manual
Everything an attorney needs to know about handling a deceptive practices case in all 50 states.

FTC Consumer Protection/Information
Source: Federal Trade Commission
Content Type: Website
Practical information on a variety of consumer topics. Although geared towards consumers this site includes helpful information on recent scams and common consumer protection issues.